Music and lyrics are the copyright of Chris Rogan except for ‘Tyneside Girl’ copyright Brian McGuire arr. Macguire/Rogan. ‘Mary and the Soldier’, ‘Tippin it up to Nancy’ trad. arr. Rogan/McGuire, ‘Mary of Dungloe’ Padraig Mac Cumhaill arr. Rogan/Rogan.

The tracks:

  1. BulletFateful Belle.pdf

  2. BulletStanding Bear.pdf

  3. BulletMary and the Soldier.pdf

  4. BulletMary of Dungloe.pdf

  5. BulletTippin’ It Up To Nancy.pdf

  6. BulletFrancisco de Cuella.pdf

  7. BulletTyneside Girl.pdf

  8. BulletThe Galway Shawl.pdf

  9. BulletThe Dancers Song.pdf

  10. BulletWhere I Can See the Stars.pdf

  11. BulletA Song Borrowed.pdf

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Original Artwork by Christine Rogan

Copyright Christine Rogan 2019