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Set My Dreams Free was Chris’ debut album. Some say it took him thirty years to get it recorded! In his defence he says he had a ‘real’ job that tended to get in the way.

Whatever the reason, the album has been warmly received.

It was recorded in 2011 as a CD and unless people contacted Chris to get a copy, the only way of getting one was at one of Chris’ gigs. But then, after a mere five year wait, he re-mastered it and made it available through CDBaby, iTunes and many other digital partners.

Until now, the only way to understand the stories behind each track was to hear Chris speak of them ‘live’...until now.

Here are the stories behind each track...

The title track Set My Dreams Free is a lullaby. It was prompted by the times Chris was reassured by his Mother. From the words she would use to get him back to sleep after a bad dream as a young child, to the words of encouragement when he was a grown man.

Chris’ wife and two daughters are written into this track, but he’s never told them where. Essentially a love song, Her Perfect Eyes gently describes the qualities the singer sees in the one they love.

I Saw the News is a political comment - the banking crisis, the Middle East - but is also a call for all of us to learn from events and not keep re-inventing the wheel and repeating the mistakes of generations past. “But who have they to look to, who provides the clue? For those who look for someone else are always very few”.

For every parent! ‘Til Morning Comes describes the hopes and dreams a parent has for their child.

Chris’ Grandmother was born and grew up in Port Glasgow on the Banks of the Clyde. She remembered seeing the Lusitania being hauled down to be fitted out and seeing the glow of the red hot rivets as the steel of the hulls grew high above a child. Chris’ Great Grandfather was logged in a census as a Riveter’s Assistant - it doesn’t say whether he wore gloves or not!

Live For the Day is a blast from the past! Written as an eighteen year old - a story of leaving.

“Sometimes songs just come at you from a different angle”. In his youth Chris witnessed the drowning of a young lad and the futile attempt to find him in a slow muddy river with zero visibility. Somehow this tragedy evolved into My Right Hand.

Another blast from the past - Pearls and Lace is an imaginative tale of the what might win someone’s love. Chris also thinks it could make a useful career’s education track!

Things We Should Say is another way of expressing your love for someone.

What hasn’t been said about Wild Mountain Thyme. In a delicate performance of a much loved song, Chris added Uilleann Pipes in the re-mastered version making a well delivered song even better.

Chris was born in that wee part of Ireland called Shepherds Bush and currently lives in another wee part of Ireland called Manchester! His Great Grandparents, set off for that other wee part of Ireland called Boston. With little means of keeping in touch, it had the hallmarks of a final journey. However, like so many, tragedy struck and “Mary with her sons came home”. The Story of John and Mary tells their tale.

As a student in Liverpool, Chris and his pals would take part in a tour of the hostelries of the Picton Road which in those days numbered quite a few. In one such place Chris got left behind after striking up a conversation with a senior regular who told his story that Chris retells in Things That Might Have Been.

The final track describes Chris’ Father. “Dad was a wonderful dancer and a fine singer too”. The Dancer’s Song remember’s his love of music. It inevitably has a wee tune tagged on the end.

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