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singer - songwriter

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With Chris you get music that feels like a good friend, with a style that is gentle, touching and sometimes humorous - oh, and he just happens to write and sing great songs!

Folk North West said “Chris has a voice that compels you to listen and is a perceptive word-smith and more than able guitarist, indeed he has all the attributes to propel himself upwards”

Sounds of Folk said “the sort of voice I could listen to for hours”

We’re hoping that like Folk North West, you can help ‘propel him upwards’.
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And the last words are from Chris,

“Thanks for taking the time to look in.
It would be great to sing ‘live’ at your place - just let me know when and where and Tallulah will get me there! Puzzled? You’ll have to catch me ‘live’ to understand!
Booking me would be brilliant, but spreading the word has its magic too!
I hope to see you soon.
Tunefully yours,

A true story from Lancashire, prompted by the oldest memorial to Domestic Violence, of murder on the Lancashire Moors from 1761. A track from “Where Fantasy Flies”

Singing solo “Where Fantasy Flies”

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Performing with Brian McGuire at the Barlow Festival

Taster of new material with Brian McGuire

Taster of new material with Louise Rogan